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This is the last of our five-part series, simple things you can do right now in your plumbing business to make more money right now! In episode #362, Richard and Laura share practical advice that will increase gross profits and customer satisfaction. 


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. You’re not a bank
  2. Professional customer service
  3. Cash flow is king


Plumbing Companies are a dime-a-dozen and Mrs. Jones has many to choose from. It may not be PC but she does judge a book by its cover. Your logo and truck design is vital to making sure that you not only stand out in a crowd but will be remembered. KickCharge Creative is the leading and most rewarded branding and truck wrap design agency and has been instrumental in getting plumbers just like you noticed for more than twenty years.

Show Notes

You’re not a bank!

Your customers are not going to Walmart and saying, “send me a bill, and I’ll pay you in the next thirty or forty-five days.”  You have to stop invoicing your customers. You are not a bank, so stop acting like one. You need to implement processes that require all of your clients to pay you now!

Professional Customer Service

When you put the proper processes in place to get paid prior to the work being completed, it will tell your customer that you mean business. When we act like professional plumbers it gains customer confidence and satisfaction while telling our clients that no matter the size, we are professionals.

Cash Flow is King

$500.00 in the bank today is better than the promise of $5,000 tomorrow. Stop working ahead of jobs without getting paid. It’s better to work on smaller jobs that pay now than to work on bigger jobs that pay later. Do the work now, get paid now!

Richards Call to Action

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