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I Can’t Charge That!

Are you ripping off your customer? Find out in this addition of Potty Talk LIVE where Richard will share the tell tale signs that you probably are.


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  1. Know Your Value. The experience you’ve had plumbing through the years and dealing with the jobs that you’ve had are what give you your expertise and why you can charge what you charge.
  2. Know What You’re Charging. Don’t just pull numbers and prices out of thin air. Know your Honest Hourly Rate and employ that for every single job.
  3. Don’t pre-judge your customers. Despite what their house looks like, what neighborhood they’re in, or what they drive, give every customer the same treatment.


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Know Your Value

[05:02] How long have you been plumbing? Think about all those years, all those jobs, all those different experiences. What about all those times the job went south and you had to pull it out. There’s value in that.

The experience of knowing what to do is your value. So plumbing business owners start out and think, “well, I can’t charge that. I don’t have a million trucks. The potential customers don’t know who I am.” There’s always a reason to charge less. But how many years have been plumbing?

There’s your value. Know what you’re worth.

Know What You’re Charging

[13:03] It’s so important to know what you’re charging. If you don’t know why you’re charging what you’re charging then you really are kind of just a hack who is flying by the seat of your pants.

There are so many ways to start out. Whether it’s going off of what your last company charges or calling your competition and finding out what they charge or worst of all…just pulling prices out of thin air, there’s always a better way. 

Your Honest Hourly Rate takes into account what it costs to do business and allows you to pay yourself too. It’s in Module 1 of the Success Academy. Check it out here.

Don’t Pre-Judge Your Customer

[19:14] We all do it. We look at the house or the yard or the neighborhood we’re going to and make a judgment right away on the customer. But that’s only going to set you up for failure. 

Instead, treat every customer the same. Give them the same options. Don’t assume what option they’ll take and only offer them that. You may be surprised.

Richard’s Call to Action

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