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How Do I Deal With Negative Reviews?

Getting a negative review for your plumbing business can be frustrating, but if handled correctly, you’ll actually win MORE customers rather than scare them off! 


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. Negative Reviews are Inevitable. Haters are gonna hate, so just prepare yourself.
  2. Speak to Prospective Customers. Don’t argue, don’t be defensive. Look at your response to negative reviews like a free advertisement to potential customers. 
  3. Don’t take it personally. This can be hard, it is your business after all. But you have to let those things roll off your back.


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Show Notes

Negative Reviews are Inevitable

Haters gonna hate. If you haven’t gotten a negative review, you’re either too small or you’re not doing anything, but at some point you’re going to get a negative review. The more people that you serve, the odds are you’re going to come across bad people, and those bad people leave bad reviews.

Five percent of the population is crazy and you cannot satisfy them at all. You’re going to get bad customers, hateful bad people who are just impossible to deal with, there’s no reasoning with them, there’s no way to make them happy,

It’s actually a good thing to get a bad review. Because every bad review, even the one that leaves a bad review, there’s 20, 30, 40, 50 others that you’ve served that didn’t leave a review that like you.

Speak to Prospective Customers

Don’t get defensive when you respond to bad reviews. Don’t argue. Don’t relive or rehash the job of what they may have said or what you said.

Respond back to the bad review as if you are speaking to prospective customers. 

By the way, a lot of times if you notice your bad reviews, they look different than the good reviews, not just that they’re negative, and not in a good light, but they usually sound a little crazy. If you come back and say “sorry Mrs. Jones that we weren’t able to meet your needs, please give us another opportunity to serve you,” that will show your prospective customers that you can rise above when there is an issue and not stoop to their level.

Don’t Take it Personally

You’ve got to step outside the emotion, which can be tough. It’s your business, you did all this work, especially if they’re swinging at you by lies, ‘you didn’t do this’ and ‘you’re doing this’ and ‘you’re ripping people off’ and all that kind of stuff and attack your business, and by extension, you. It can be hard to step outside of the emotion.

It’s just not worth it. Focus on the hopefully dozens and eventually hundreds of other good reviews that you’ve got, that might be one good thing to do and you do get a bad review, go out to your Google, your GNBs or your LSAs or wherever your reviews are and just read some of the really good reviews that you’ve got and reiterate to yourself, “yeah, we do provide a good service, yeah maybe we screwed up here or maybe the customer’s crazy, whatever, but most everybody loves us.”.

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