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Your Business is Really Selling Time – Episode 328

Think your plumbing business is selling plumbing? Think again.  In this episode of Potty Talk LIVE, Richard and Laura reveal the secret to building a million dollar plumbing business while having a life, too.


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. All Your Time; You have to take into account every hour you spend working on your business; not just the time on the job itself. 
  2. Their Time Matters; the number one concern for your customers is whether you can come today and get the job done. Their time is important, and they want to get the work over with.
  3. A Time to Remember; give your customers an experience. They’ll remember a good and memorable  visit, and will call you again next time.


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Show Notes

Value Your Time

[07:18] Everyone knows about charging your hourly rate. (Learn more about finding your Honest Hourly Rate here). But what many struggling business owners don’t take into consideration is all the hours that go into conducting business.

It’s not enough to charge just for the time your tech is in the customer’s home. There’s stocking, travel, setup, administration time and more. 

You also need to consider the time you (and your tech) has put into becoming the professional you are today. Calculating that time into your rate is vital to make sure you’re getting your worth.


Value the Urgency of Your Customer’s Time

[16:28] The number one concern of your customers is whether or not you can come out today. Come to the house now to get their issue resolved. If you can’t, there’s no value to having you schedule for later in the week. Today is the value.

Our customers are the main character in their own stories, and thus their time is the most important thing for them. We all have busy lives, with work, kids, and the like. Getting their problem solved as quickly as possible is the most pressing concern for the customers calling us. 

We live in a society of instant gratification, so if you can’t help them now, today, they will find someone who can.


Give Your Customer a Memorable Experience

[23:41] An experience that isn’t memorable and positive won’t get your phone to ring a second time. Even the most skilled tech doing the best job ever isn’t enough to retain the loyalty of the customer. 

Giving them a whole experience from the moment you pull up in the branded, memorable truck to the presentation and cleanliness of your tech will help make the whole visit a unique experience. 

Like we always say, no one wakes up in the morning and wants to call the plumber. So why not make it a positive event for them? They’ll remember and you’ll be the one they call next time!


Richard’s Call to Action

Thank you for sticking with us through our technical difficulties, join us next week for another installment of the Million Dollar Plumber Masters Edition, where we’ll be discussing Finding the Right Customer with some of our very own Plumbing Pros!

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