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Wonder Women Masters’ Edition: Working With Your Spouse

The Wonderwomen join Richard and Laura in this special Masters edition of Potty Talk LIVE to discuss how they came along with their spouse to build their plumbing business empires.


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3 Golden Nuggets

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Show Notes

The partnership of husband and wife was a relationship set out from the beginning. We were designed to work together, to help each other, and to lift each other up.

So why are so many people shocked when husbands and wives work together in their business? We had three of our masters together to talk about taking the leap to work together. 

Thais Pen from New Era Plumbing in Boston, Massachusetts

Lindsay Ramsey from Inception Plumbing in Kansas City, Missouri

Sarah Delnay from Mountaineer Plumbing in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Fear in taking the leap to work with your spouse

[08:27] While all three of these ladies come from different backgrounds and stages of life, they agree about the fears they had in venturing into the business with their husbands. The loss of identity in their former careers was very real, but all three agreed that the fear of “what if we don’t get enough jobs?” or “where will the steady paycheck come from?” were on their minds as they weighed this decision.

Like in so many aspects of business, many of us fall into the scarcity mindset. We want the security of a weekly paycheck, having steady income, or waiting for retirement to take those risks. 

As we’ve said before, you need to get busy living or get busy dying. So they took the leap. Despite those around them being nervous or questioning their decision, all of these couples made the choice that was best for their family and their business.

So What Do You DO?

[23:04] Like the fears, the women all get the same questions. “So, you work with your husband, are you like a secretary?” “Oh, so you do the books?” “But what do you actually do?”

Starting off, the wives did what they could to take the burden off of their partners, allowing the business to grow. These responsibilities will change and grow as the business grows, but they can range from answering phones, doing payroll, dispatch; you name it, these ladies have done it. All while supporting their families and living their lives.

What’s the Secret to Business and Personal Success?

[35:56] No matter what part of the journey you’re at, working together requires patience. Listening to each other and working toward the same goal are vital in success – in business and in your personal relationship.

Communicate the things that are going well; recognize the effort your partner is making. And maybe most importantly? Date night! Never stop dating each other and make sure you aren’t always in business mode. That’s the #freedomlifestyle in action!

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