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Winners Don’t Quit

Ever think of throwing in the towel with your plumbing business?  Then this edition of Potty Talk LIVE is for you!  Danny Pen, owner of New Era Plumbing in Dracutt, Massachusetts joins Richard to share how he went from almost quitting to a multi-million dollar plumbing business owner.


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. Don’t make Excuses
  2. Stay Hungry
  3. Get Your Wife Involved


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Show Notes

Humble Beginnings

[06:25] Danny’s family immigrated from Cambodia in pursuit of the American Dream. After starting his plumbing and HVAC company, he realized it was time to break the chain of struggle his family had been through and be successful. Being a role model for his brothers and his kids was the drive he needed to stop making excuses and become successful.

He knew his “why” and it was time to get to work. Despite struggling, he and his wife Thais stuck with it, rebranded, and trusted the process. They kept pushing. They went from new construction to service and had the support of their coaches Richard and Laura to buoy them during their lowest points.

The Turning Point

[21:10] Everything changed when Danny stopped blaming himself and saying “I can’t do this”. The thing that needed to change was his attitude. 

Once he became more positive and excited about the business, everything changed. The atmosphere of the shop, his employees’ attitudes, and the profits all turned around.

Advice from the Master

[28:47] Danny is a strong believer in the power of a Plumbing Power Couple. He says if you have a business and your wife isn’t in it, that’s one of the most important things you can change to become more successful. 

Know your why’s. Why are you in business? You don’t love plumbing that much, there is something more. Have a plan, make a roadmap, and follow it. And develop a culture that fits all of that and implement it with your business and your employees. 

Richard’s Call to Action

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