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There is a lot you can take away from the movie Money Ball and apply to your plumbing business that will help you systemize, stylize and monetize your plumbing business. This is the third episode of our four-part series, “What movies can teach us about the plumbing business.” How will you use this advice to grow your plumbing business? Comment below! 


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. No Money is No Excuse – There is never going to be enough money. Stop focusing on the lack of money and put that energy into all of the opportunities in front of you!
  2. The Old Way Is Not The Only Way – You’ve got to be open to change! The system will push back, but if you keep doing the same thing you will keep getting the same results. Be willing and open to change, it will elevate your business.
  3. Get On Base – Home runs don’t win games, base hits do! Get the single, take the toilet repair call and stop trying to oversell every lead. When you change into this new perspective, you WILL get your pitch and you WILL hit the home runs!


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Show Notes

No Money Is No Excuse

In the movie Money Ball, Billy Bean didn’t focus on the team’s lack of money. We need to elevate our business by getting focused on the top line, if you continue to focus on cutting and do not focus on growing you’re a dead man plumbing!

The Old Way Is Not The Only Way

When you are open to change, your employees will be happier and they will last longer! Our industry is constantly changing, when we are open to changing it gives us the ability to level up our business and be different from our competition.

Get On Base

You can’t expect your people to hit Home Runs every day, it’s not possible. Start focusing on base hits and your business and the perfect pitches WILL come. Putting good systems and processes in place will ensure that you are swinging at all of the right pitches!

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