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Pop culture is full of wisdom when you get past the surface-level message. There is great advice in the movie The Karate Kid, and so much for us to learn about managing your plumbing business. This is the second episode in our four-part series “What movies can teach us about the plumbing business” which will help you systemize, stylize, and monetize your plumbing business.


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. Find a Mr. Miyagi – You’ve got to get yourself someone who can guide, educate, and motivate you in business! 
  2. Do the mundane – It’s easy to settle in the comfort zone, and start paying close attention to the details maybe for you that is office work or accounting. Every aspect of the business needs your attention, get good at it and do the mundane! 
  3. One More Kick – Much like we learned last week from Rocky, business is going to hit and it’s going to hit you hard. Learn from mistakes, get up and give it one more kick! One day you will look back and you won’t even recognize the fighter you used to be


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Show Notes

Find a Mr. Miyagi

Be open to being coached because the best thing for our plumbing business is to find a good coach. We never want to be the smartest one in the room but rather we want to step out and not be afraid to ask for help. When the day-to-day operations get tough, you need a Mr. Miyagi who will lift you up and help you make the right business decisions.

Do The Mundane

The success of your business is in the mundane. Learning to do the boring stuff, the stuff you don’t like could be what your business is missing. The Karate Kid taught us that boring tasks equated to muscle memory. Just like when Mr. Miyagi asks Daniel to sand the wooden floor and paint the fence in a particular way. To be successful in your plumbing business you must build your skills over time, which builds toughness and then gives you the ability to be intentional.

One More Kick

Remember the part of the movie when Ralph was all beat up and he was cheated? He could barely stand but he stood up and gave it one more kick!  When unfair things happen, you have to keep your head down and give it one more kick! If you do this over and over again, eventually you will look up and you will find yourself so much further ahead!

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