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Three Laws of Success

Success has laws that you must follow to have a successful plumbing business.  In this episode of Potty Talk LIVE, Richard and Laura share the three laws that are foundational to your plumbing business success. 


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  1. The Law of Attraction: You Attract What You Project;
  2. The Law of Association: Associate with Those Who Motivate You;
  3. The Law of Action: Daily Movement and Momentum;


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Show Notes

The Law of Attraction: You Attract What You Project

[10:04] We teach and I’ve done it for years: writing down in my daily GPS, that I am, I have. Not that I will. 

This doesn’t necessarily translate to goal setting. Rather, it’s projecting.

So we can project. What we think on does happen. So we can either think positive things, which leads to success. Sadly, a lot of people think of failing things and worry what will happen…what if the phone doesn’t ring? What if the business fails? This is the outlook of people who don’t succeed.

The Law of Association: Associate with Those Who Motivate You

[16:47] If you are truly looking to better yourself, you have to hang around better people than what you’ve been hanging around. And see that could be difficult because they are your friends. You grew up with these people. But these people don’t  necessarily motivate you to be better and succeed. We have a whole episode on this topic here.

Being around other business owners is vital to keep you motivated. There are all kinds of groups in your area, like some good BNI groups, Chamber of Commerce or Rotary where you’re around other thought leaders or other business people in your community.

This is a great reason that our Success Academy is so great; it’s a group of people on the Facebook group where we have the twice a month live coaching. It’s a good place to hang around with others, asking good questions. And we can learn from each other.

The Law of Action: Daily Movement and Momentum

[22:32] Movement is life. You have to take action. What is action? It may be spending the money on the equipment. It may be putting processes in place, the systems so that your business will grow and scale. The action of looking for a shop.

Success is not gonna fall on your lap. Taking small steps every day will make a huge difference. it’s amazing how all that adds up. Now, we don’t wanna take a thousand years to find that new shop. But the point I’m trying to get across is you don’t have to just kill it every single day. it’s bit by bit. Some action, some positive each and every day.

Richard’s Call to Action

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