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This week The Million Dollar Plumber and the Lovely Laura welcomed many of their clients to Florida for the MDP Retreat. Hear from real life clients about where they started and how the MDP program changed their lives and make them more confident and take pride in their business.


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Show Notes

In this week’s special episode LIVE from Florida, Richard chats with many of their clients to talk about where they started and the how it felt to make the changes to become million dollar plumbing companies themselves. 

While it was scary to “write checks their bodies can’t cash”, they all have and are reaping the rewards. They each had their own epiphany and after an emotional journey, are on the path to long term success!

Richard’s Call to Action

[25:50] There have been some great stories from our clients,  and theirs could be your story as well. I have something free for you;  my Million Dollar Plumber Blueprint. In it,  I lay out these specs that we’re talking about, that you can build your million dollar plumbing business and have a life too. And again, it’s free to you. Simply go to to grab your free copy.

[47:46] Many clients  mentioned the Success Academy. if you’re looking to grow a million dollar plumbing business and have a life too, the Freedom Lifestyle, and to have a powerful asset that creates the life that you desire for you and your family, as well as serving your employees, and your community, you wanna check out the Success Academy. It’s all laid out there for you. You can check it out for free with a 14 day free trial, simply go to to grab your 14 day free trial.