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In this enlightening episode of Potty Talk, The Million Dollar Plumber and The Lovely Laura are joined by Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo, co-hosts of the One Extraordinary Marriage podcast, as they share their tips and insights on marriage, intimacy, couplepreneurship and everything in between!


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. The 6 Pillars of Intimacy
  2. Communication is KEY
  3. Prioritize Intimacy


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Show Notes

You may be a great plumber, but if your personal life is a mess, your business will suffer. 

Your marriage is the foundation of your happiness and success. So, if you want to grow your plumbing business, you need to invest in your relationship with your spouse.

Here are our top 3 tips to strengthen your marriage and create a solid base for your business. These tips will help you improve your communication, intimacy, and teamwork with your partner and make your marriage thrive, which will help you grow your business to its fullest potential!

The 6 Pillars of Intimacy

The first tip is understanding the importance of the 6 pillars of intimacy. And they are:

– Emotional intimacy: Your communication and understanding each other’s thoughts, feelings, desires, and needs.

– Physical intimacy: Your non-sexual touch, showing affection and warmth for each other.

– Sexual intimacy: Your sexual connection that bonds you as one flesh and one soul.

– Recreational intimacy: Your shared activities, hobbies, interests, and fun while creating memories.

– Financial intimacy: Your shared vision, goals, values, and practices around money and how you manage it as a team.

– Spiritual intimacy: Your shared beliefs, faith, values, and purpose that connect you with each other and with God.

According to our guests, Tony and Alisa, each pillar is important to improve your marriage. 

You can head to their website to learn more about their guide to healing the 6 pillars and improving your marriage and business–as the two can’t exist without the other. 

Communication is KEY

The second tip is prioritizing communication, as this concerns your emotional intimacy.

This tip is essential for any marriage to thrive–but it’ll also help you navigate your day-to-day work issues more effectively.

See, you can’t expect your spouse to know what you’re thinking–you need to actively communicate your wants and needs for them to be fulfilled and for better understanding between you. 

This also applies to your work relationships–when you’re at the office, you can’t expect everything to run as you envision. You first need to be vocal about the ideas you have in your head.

And guys, don’t worry; we know many of you might not be the best at expressing your feelings–and that’s okay. It’s the way some of us were raised. But the good news is that effective communication is a skill that can be learned, just like plumbing. So even if it’s something you’re not good at now, it can be something you can practice and improve at in the future.

For that, Tony and Alisa suggest an “Emotion Wheel,” which facilitates communication and expressions for those who find it hard to communicate complicated feelings. 

The emotion wheel is a circular diagram with six colors representing six basic emotions: anger, fear, sadness, joy, surprise, and disgust. Each color has different shades that represent more nuanced emotions. For example, under anger, you can find emotions like frustrated, annoyed, critical, or furious.

For issues with starting conversations with your spouse, they suggest this amazing 88 Conversation Starter Questions Deck, which we also highly recommend! 

Overall, communication is essential in resolving issues on time–which is key to stopping small misunderstandings from turning into disastrous warzones.

So, put on your learning pants, grab your tools, and work on communicating your thoughts better–you’ll thank us later!

Prioritize Intimacy

The last tip concerns the second most important pillar, sexual intimacy. 

This is your sexual connection, your passion, your desire, your pleasure, and your satisfaction. It’s that intimate act that bonds you as one flesh and one soul.

One of the biggest challenges couples face when they have young children is keeping their sexual and emotional intimacy alive and well. It can be hard to find the time, energy, and desire to connect with your spouse when you are busy with parenting, household chores, work, and other responsibilities.

Tony and Alisa are not only experts on marriage and intimacy but also entrepreneurs who run a successful plumbing business together. They know firsthand what it’s like to juggle multiple roles and demands and still keep their relationship solid and satisfying.

They’ve developed a system called the intimacy lifestyle that helps them… 

  1. Schedule sex
  2. Communicate better
  3. Support each other’s needs and desires

For better communication and support regarding sexual intimacy, they suggested their free 19 Questions to Amazing Sex Marriage Guide, which you can get by visiting their website. It’ll help you address any issues or misalignments that may stop you from having a healthy sex life with your spouse.

Now, scheduling your intimate moments might seem like a chore, but trust us, it’ll make all the difference.

Not only will it improve your relationship, but it will also improve your understanding of one another, increase your emotional connection, and uplift your home environment, making you mentally stronger and fitter to take on the work day and the responsibilities you and your spouse share.

So, take it from us, and start putting those intimate times together on the calendar. It’s better than leaving all those pent-up frustrations build up into bigger wedges in your marriage.

So there you have it, guys, the 3 steps to building a firm foundation at home, which helps you grow your plumbing business faster and, more importantly, effectively.

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