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Do you know the fastest way to kill your plumbing business?  Find out in this episode of Potty Talk LIVE where Richard will explain the most common mistakes most plumbing business owners make when starting their plumbing business and what to avoid to help your business grow.


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3 Golden Nuggets

3 Common Problems that prevent money rolling in:

  1. Podium is a review management application that you should be using.
  2. Recency and frequency are key ranking higher on Google – don’t worry about having a perfect 5 star rating.
  3. Future Customers will watch how you respond to negative reviews.


Podium is changing the way local business gets done. Whether it’s messaging your leads and customers, chatting in context with your team, or getting reviews and actionable feedback to improve your business, Podium is here to handle every interaction, all in one powerful inbox. No more phone tag or unanswered emails; Podium powers interactions through simple messaging, so you’ll meet your leads and customers where they’re at.

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Show Notes

What is Podium?

[19:08] Podium is a review management application and suite of services that all started with a Google grant, so they know what it takes to rank well on Google searches. They know recency and frequency are more important than having a pristine 5 star rating along with a ton of other great features to help build your business. 

Should I Respond to Negative Reviews?

[13:42] Katie says first, take a deep breath. You definitely need to respond to these negative reviews, and as quickly as possible.

Time is of the essence when it comes to replying to these reviews. Definitely address the issue that they had, but you should also reach out to them personally as well offline. This is illustrating to your potential customers that yes, I’m going to make sure that this is taken care of.

Another benefit of getting in touch with those customers and resolving the issue is taht they could go in and change their review after the fact. It’s gonna count as an updated review and will help your standings. 

What Else Should I Know About Podium and Reviews?

[30:26] What Google cares about is the recency and frequency of your reviews, you don’t just get a bunch of reviews and then stop. You have to keep up with it and make sure that you’re feeding that Google beast. So you’re pulling up in that ranking and people are gonna find you and choose you. 

Podium also a suite of other tools that you can use to get that ranking up and build your customer base. Podium exists to make your life simple and then help you make a lot of money. Like that’s our ultimate goal for our customers. They’re in business for the underdog; to arm the rebellion.

Richard’s Call to Action

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