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Wanna find out how to get customers calling you back for more?  Join the MDP Masters in this special edition of Potty Talk LIVE where they discuss how to make not just happy  plumbing customers, but fanatical cheerleaders for your plumbing business!


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. Everyone Makes Mistakes. Especially when starting out, we’ll never do everything perfectly. Acknowledge what you don’t know and get to work.
  2. The fans are waiting for you. You just have to figure out what you can do to stay in your customers’ memory and stand out from the crowd.
  3. Masters know best. They have some great advice to not only be a million dollar plumbing company, but how to get there fast.


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Show Notes

What Mistakes Should We Look Out For?

[12:38] Thinking that the cheaper price you give them, the best deal you give them is gonna keep them calling. When in reality, you’re not creating a raving fan. You’re not even doing that customer a service. The cheapest is not the best solution.

Another mistake that so many make in the beginning is working with the “promise” of future work. We’ve all heard it:  “Okay. I’ll give you this house if you give me a great deal. If you give me your cheapest price, and then you can have all my houses.” from contractors and rental companies. But that never happens.

Finally, not utilizing social media and the free products by Google is a huge mistake so many people make in the quest to create raving, repeat customers. It’s free. Get to work building that fan base now.

How Do We Create Raving Fans?

[20:19] First and foremost, it starts in the beginning. If our goal is to provide the greatest customer experience ever, your team has to believe in it. Your guys can’t go out there and fake it. You gotta have core values and the guys live by them. 

Some of the things our masters do to stick out in their customers mind include taco Tuesdays, where each of the plumbers have sombreros and maracas, and when they finish and they come to close out the job, they shake it or they wear a hat, and they give the customer a $10 Taco Bell gift card for taco Tuesday just for booking on a Tuesday. Another real world example is having the tech call the customer from Starbucks and ask if they want anything. 

Our advice? Do something for the customer that you know others aren’t doing. This will create loyal fans who will think of you first next time they need to call a plumber.

What is the best Advice for Creating Loyal Fans?

[34:31] Our Masters were still in their trucks and did not have the freedom lifestyle they craved not so long ago. So their advice? 

Know your Honest, Hourly Rate. Don’t go by the competition price. Know what you need to charge because if you don’t, then you’ll be doing the job for nothing. 

Get out of new construction. There isn’t the money or freedom you’re looking for there.

And the thing they all agreed on, have your core values and do not compromise. Your customers will recognize that you and your employees believe in what you’re doing and they will buy in too. And keep buying in.

Richard’s Call to Action

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