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How important is your brand? Join Richard in this special Masters Edition of Potty Talk LIVE as he and the MDP Masters share how to make your plumbing brand stand out from the crowd.


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3 Masters

  1. Ron Blevins – Pristine Plumbing
  2. Tyler St. Laurent – 615 Plumbing
  3. Lance Ball – Aspen Mountain Plumbing


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Show Notes

Blanding or Branding? Our Masters’ Journeys

[08:31] Our Masters are very familiar with the term “blanding”; a boring, simplified (in a bad way) brand strategy that doesn’t stick in your customers’ minds or make you stand out. 

They all did it. Whether it was a hard to pronounce name, colors that blended in with their competition, or simply a brand that went unnoticed, they all knew they had to change something to find their right customer.

When they deployed the right branding for them, they became a brand image that spoke to the community, and conveyed the message they were trying to get across – all with their name and brand.

Branding Goes Further Than Appearance

[29:45] Once a cohesive brand was in place, it was time to live up to the image they were selling. For Pristine Plumbing, that meant an impeccable appearance for their techs, clean trucks, and a premier brand. 

For 615 Plumbing, their cartoon dog spoke to families and drew them in as their ideal clientele. They are a brand their community can feel comfortable with and feels like home. 

Aspen Mountain’s colors and branding made their customers feel like they were proud to be members of the community and their professional appearance made customers feel comfortable. 

Each of these Masters knew how important having an image that stands out is, but learned that just having a good looking brand isn’t enough; you have to live up to the brand you’re selling.

Advice from the Masters

[41:02] The Masters were in agreement that branding is a vital first step to getting the calls coming in. While it’s an investment up front, and may seem like an unnecessary expense, it will pay off – and fast. But branding isn’t just wrapping your trucks. It’s the office, it’s your uniforms, it’s the service itself. Taking that first step will definitely pay off. 

While brand image is so important, cultural branding is just as important. Your people matter and they way they treat people, customers, and the community at large will go a long way toward solidifying your brand in people’s minds. 

Finally, just keep it simple. Now, this isn’t the blanding we were talking about earlier. Once you have a great brand in place, just don’t muck it up with listing every service you offer on your truck. Keep a simple, clean look with your number and website, and watch the calls roll in.

Richard’s Call to Action

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