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Episode #365 of Potty Talk, we interview Lorne Sederoff from SearchKings, the Google experts who will make your phone ring.


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. Generate Leads
  2. Optimize branding
  3. Improve the hiring process


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Show Notes

They generate leads

Someone local needs you now, so the customer does a quick Google search: “plumbers in (your area)”. If you choose pay-per-click advertising, your ad will show up at or near the top of the search results, and you’ll pay a fee every time someone clicks on your business ad. Although this strategy may make the phone ring, PPCs can be expensive. The good news is that SearchKings works with clients to figure out the best plan of attack, based on budget.

They optimize branding

When it comes to branding: recognition in the community basically brings in free leads. You’re not paying for them because people already know who you are. This is a less expensive way to make the phone ring. For example, SearchKings will put their clients’ banners at the top of a web page where someone is researching water heaters. But that banner isn’t fixed to that website; it’s following the user around. 

SearchKings also utilizes ads on YouTube TV. They’ll create 15-second non-skippable videos highlighting that the company is local, and they’ll include the phone number. A customer sees enough of these ads, and for them, you become that local name. The key is to act big with branding if it’s cheap because then you don’t have to pay as much for pay-per-click for someone who’s never heard of you before.

They improve the hiring process

Some business owners might think splashing the words “We’re Hiring” all over the place sends the message that you’re struggling and you don’t have enough plumbers. Actually, a well-thought-out hiring campaign implies that you’re doing well, you’re growing, and you can afford to bring on new staff.

 SearchKings uses the branding mentality when it comes to hiring. A few strategies they might use: 

  •     They’ll create hiring banners listing 2 to 3 benefits of working for the company, placing them in zip codes and locations where you want to recruit.
  •     A short video testimonial from a current employee, talking about what it’s like to work for the company.
  •     Ads pop up when someone searches for companies hiring plumbers. These ads might contain reviews from happy customers, telling potential hires that this company treats its customers well.

 The bottom line is, any plumbing company can play the advertising game. You don’t have to be big, and you don’t have to spend big. Let SearchKings help you out!

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