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It’s no secret, we need our business to make more money. The world today has put focus on working today for tomorrow, while much of this statement is true it doesn’t hold the weight of our everyday business struggles. We need to make more money, not just tomorrow.. but RIGHT NOW. This is the second of the five-part series, “5 simple things that you can do right now to make more money for your plumbing business.”


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. Hire a Customer Service Representative – As plumbing business owners we can not be the ones answering the phones. a CSR is a must-have position inside of your company. This important role will ensure that you are maximizing your leads and profits.
  2. Schedule for today – We’ve got to stop scheduling our clients in the future and start scheduling every lead for today. This will not only increase profits but also increase customer and employee satisfaction! 
  3. Triage For Dollars – Triage is a medical term that takes the most serious patients and puts them at the front of the line. We need to have the same mentality as our plumbing businesses. Picking and choosing what clients we service will immediately increase profits for your plumbing business!


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Show Notes

Hire a customer service representative

Hire a customer service rep (CSR) to handle all of your incoming sales calls. You are the worst person on the planet to be answering your plumbing business sales calls. When we hire a CSR, we can focus on the things that matter most about our business. A customer service representative’s only responsibility should be to book every lead for today. This will maximize profits and ensure that you are not literally pushing away money by scheduling leads in advance.

Schedule for today 

As plumbing business owners we are literally turning down money. We’ve got to go into every sales call with a right now mentality; our customers expect us to be prompt and this will ensure that we are maximizing every lead.

Triage for dollars 

We are going to take all of the calls, but we are also going to pick and choose what jobs we would like to do and in what order we want to complete them! We serve our communities, but this isn’t community service. We’ve got to start picking the job that is profitable and meaningful to our business.

Richard’s Call to Action

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