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We always need our business to make more money. We need to make more money right now, not just tomorrow but RIGHT NOW. This is the third episode of the five-part series, “5 simple things that you can do right now to make more money for your plumbing business.”


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3 Golden Nuggets

Charge a Diagnostic Fee

  1. It proclaims value – When you charge a diagnostic fee it shows that you are a company with worth. If you don’t think you are worth anything, the customer won’t think you are worth anything.
  2. Qualifies the customer – When you charge a diagnostic fee and the customer knows it upfront you are more likely to make more money and guarantee that you are getting the job that you want to take on.
  3. Include in a flat rate – charge for ALL of your time. This includes charging for the travel diagnostic time at your flat rate price. If you are doing flat rate pricing, it is okay to waive your diagnostic fee if the client chooses to do work with you.


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Show Notes

Charging a diagnostic fee proclaims value

When you charge a diagnostic fee, it shows that you are professional and that you have value. By charging a diagnostic fee you will start working with customers you desire to work with and you will begin to weed out the customers that you don’t want to work with. Charging a diagnostic fee is expected and will elevate your business!

Charging a diagnostic fee qualifies the customers

You want to work with customers who want to work with you. A diagnostic fee will put a filter on customers that are trying to get you into a bidding war and a customer that is serious about getting work done right now!

Include the diagnostic fee in the flat rate price

You definitely want to show all of the charges on the invoice and this includes the deduction of the diagnostic fee. As plumbers, a lot of us are losing money by not having our travel time and diagnostic time, this could be the missing piece to making more money right now!

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