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Increasing Likability to Get More Plumbing Customers

In part two of the series “How to Get More Plumbing Customers,” Richard and Laura share how you can increase your likability to customers. It’s as simple as listening, respecting their home, and showing appreciation.


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. First Impressions Matter; from the branding on your truck to the person answering the phones, many decisions are made before a job is even booked. That’s why it’s vital to make the most of your first impression.
  2. Be Their Guest; You are a guest in your customer’s home, it’s important to treat it with respect and be as neighborly as possible.
  3. Keep them Smiling; the job isn’t over when you leave the house. Follow up is almost as important as doing a great job in the first place.


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Show Notes

We know that customers buy from those they know, like, and trust. In the last episode of Potty Talk Live, Richard and Laura discussed how to get customers to know you, in this episode they cover the next step: how to get them to like you.

First Impressions Matter

[12:01] As discussed in episode 322, a company’s name, branding, logo etc. are all vital to a potential customer knowing who you are. What may not be as obvious is that it goes into whether they like you too. Seeing your truck on the road or your online presence is truly the first impression someone will have of your company. Do they like the look? Does any part of your branding alienate them? A company’s voice can heavily impact the emotion a customer feels, and whether or not they like you.

It may seem unfair, but people really do judge a book by it’s cover. That’s why branding is so vital. We want to create an emotion that is positive and results in their liking of our company before we even set foot in their home.

So your branding is great, the customer likes you, and they call in to schedule with you but the voice answering the phone is distracted, brusque, or not empathetic. There is no second chance for the first interaction, so having someone caring and pleasant answering your phone will go far in securing that booking. A potential customer wants to feel like they’re being heard and being taken care of. 

The final aspect of the first impression is how your tech comes to the door. The customer has booked with you, but they’re still deciding up to that point whether or not they like you. Being respectful of their yard, their space, and even where the truck is parked can all impact the tech (and thus the company as a whole)’s likability.

How your employees are perceived out and about in the community goes a long way toward your company’s likability as well. If they are letting people in front of them or holding a door open or even paying it forward, that will be remembered and be a great impression of your company on future potential customers.

Listen and Show Respect to Your Customers and Their Home

[23:13] Your tech is a guest in your customer’s home, and it’s important that they remember that. A customer doesn’t want someone they’ve hired to provide a service to walk in like they own the place. Shoe covers, mats for their toolbox, and being neighborly will keep the customer liking you.

We have to build a relationship with our customer, but that doesn’t mean our guys have to have a sales degree. It’s as simple as listening. People just want to be heard, especially in the midst of an issue inside their home. Even if you know exactly what the problem is, let the homeowner tell their story. Be empathetic and respectful and then start your work.

Show Appreciation with Happy Calls and Follow Up

[33:18] Keep them smiling. You want to stay in your customer’s mind after your tech drives away. You did the job, but now it’s time to follow up. 

Happy calls are an excellent and quick way to stay fresh in their mind. Have your customer service representative call up and ask a couple of questions, “Did we meet your expectations today?” “Did our plumber wear shoe covers?” Make sure to ask relevant questions that are also important to the brand you’re building and the growth you are trying to achieve. It shows that your company cares about the service performed but also that you are interested in taking care of their home.

At the end of the happy call, a quick “We hope you’ll give us a call in the future” is an easy way to remind the customer that you are excited to help them again, and further solidifies the relationship began earlier that day.

In today’s society, a little bit of good service can go a long way. Other ideas are to send out a gift card to a local business if the customer spends above a certain threshold. It says, “You gave us the work and we appreciate you.” It is something easy that sets you apart and keeps you memorable.

Richard’s Call to action.

Next week, we’ll finish up with part three of the series, and discuss how to get more customers by having them trust you.

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