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In this special Potty Talk episode, Richard and Laura share the secrets to working with your spouse. Learn all about finding a balance that leads to a thriving business and marriage.


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. Define the Roles
  2. Plan Your Meetings RIGHT
  3. Prioritize Date Nights


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Show Notes

Being a plumbing power couple has many benefits, in fact, you’ll find that working with your spouse might be the best thing to happen to your business. Take it from us, we have the years to prove it. But even with all the benefits, it can still get difficult sometimes. 

So, to avoid frustration and tensions at work and in your marriage, here are our top 3 tips for becoming a plumbing power couple, and working together successfully without wanting to kill each other!

Define Roles

First things first, you need to assign the roles. 

We all know that at home the man of the house gets the final say, but at work, it’s not necessarily that way. 

It’s essential to divide tasks based on each person’s strengths, experience, and capability of handling them. 

For example, women tend to be better at handling marketing and customer service affairs, while men might be better at handling technical issues. Or it might be the opposite for you–what matters is that you find who’s good at what, and you assign the roles based on these strengths.

To avoid clashing ideas or overlapping responsibilities, assign each other tasks and give the person assigned to the role the final say. This way, you’ll work together without arguing or second-guessing each other. 

Respect each other’s expertise and let your spouse handle things their own way. 

Setting these ground rules in place is crucial, because you’re dividing the responsibility fairly, and keeping your ship from drowning over having 2 clashing generals!

Plan Your Meetings Right

Now, when you’re a couplepreneur, the lines separating work from business can be pretty blurred. You might find yourselves discussing important business matters over morning coffee, because, why not? But that’s not enough.

You NEED to set time for official business meetings where the two of you can sit down and discuss all the important matters in a professional manner and plan for the future.

Scheduling a meeting weekly will create a sense of professionalism. It’ll add order and structure to your work, and you’ll find the work is getting done more efficiently.

Remember that you and your spouse are business partners, not just a married couple. You need to take your business seriously and give it the time and energy needed to grow and prosper.

Prioritize Date Nights

Last but not least, you gotta prioritize date nights! 

Now, you’re probably thinking, what does that have to do with business? Let me tell you, date nights have infinite ROI when it comes to your business. Because not only do you get to improve your relationship with your business partner, but you’re also getting a well deserved break from the office.

So, just like you’re putting those meetings on your calendar, make room for date nights every week. They’re just as important to the growth of your business.

Because if you’re not tending to your marriage and putting it first–then everything else will suffer in return. So be intentional, put your dates on the calendar, and prioritize your time together.

Plan ahead and take a break from work to focus on each other. Discuss things outside of the business, like hobbies, future plans, or a vacation you’ve both been dreaming of. Avoid talking about work during date nights, just focus on each other–you both deserve the break!

Maintaining a healthy balance between work and home life is crucial to make your plumbing business thrive while working with your spouse.

Find the balance, and you’re golden!

Richard’s Call to Action

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