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In this first of the 2-part series How To Win The Plumbing Sales Game, Richard goes over the rules of the game that must be understood in order to play to win the plumbing sales game on every call.


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. It ain’t about plumbing
  2. No one wants to spend money on plumbing
  3. The customer is already sold.


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Show Notes

It ain’t about plumbing

We’re not selling plumbing: we’re selling time. That’s what our customers are buying: they want their day back. Their plumbing problem is an inconvenient interruption to their day, and not only do they want the problem fixed, but they also want the problem to never happen again.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the best salesman out there with the most clever sales spiel. If you don’t understand that it’s not about plumbing, you’re going to lose this game. You as the business owner must grasp this and communicate it to your team. Mrs. Jones wants her day back and wants you out of her house. She’s willing to pay for that.

No one wants to spend money on plumbing

We’re not delivering flowers or pizzas or Christmas presents, so don’t act like plumbing services are something people actually want to pay for. Expect pushback from the customer! For them, it feels like they’re flushing money down the toilet. If we make it about the plumbing, it doesn’t matter whether we’re charging $50/hr or $500/hr, it’s still going to be a hard pill for them to swallow. 

This is why we’re not big fans of sales training because sales work best when you’re selling something people actually want. Plus, sales can be a way to manipulate the customer. Just go in there and serve the customer.

The customer is already sold

The customer didn’t wake up that morning wanting to call a plumber, and they’d much rather spend money on something other than plumbing. But they called you and invited you into their home because they need your services. The customer is already sold—and they’re in a vulnerable position. Your job is to go in and do the best job possible.

Plumbers tend to enter the situation with two extremes: they give an aggressive sales pitch for more services or products (and freak Mrs. Jones out), or they march in with the solution but fail to listen. Mrs. Jones wants to be heard. If you can remember that the sale is already yours, you’re free to serve the customer and give them a positive experience.

Be sure to catch Part Two next week where we talk about how to close on 97.8 % of your calls, no matter the economies or customers you’re working with. We’ll lay out the exact system you can follow and three concepts you’ve got to grasp.

Richard’s Call to Action

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