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Join The Million Dollar Plumber in this powerful edition of Potty Talk as he shares 3 simple things you can do to double, even triple average ticket sales to make more money with your plumbing business


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. Find the Right Customer 
  2. Book the Call TODAY
  3. Triage Your Calls


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Show Notes

Tired of resorting to high-pressure sales tactics just to turn a profit? Well, what if I told you that you don’t have to? 

See, owning a plumbing business has little to do with selling and everything to do with providing value. So, here are the 3 things that will help you provide value and grow your plumbing business without having to sell.

Find the Right Customer for YOU

Not every customer is the right fit for your business. And while you may know you have the skills and experience necessary to deliver quality service, that doesn’t mean everyone will want to pay you what you’re worth. 

That’s why you NEED to identify the right customer. One who wants their day back and is willing to pay what your skills and services are worth without skimping on price. Because the more concerned they are about having their problem fixed, the more they’ll appreciate your work!

The best market for your business is residential plumbing because they’re the homeowners who want their problems fixed stat! 

So don’t go out looking for the wrong crowd and lowering your prices, trying to attract just anyone. Focus instead on finding your Mrs. Jones, who’ll pay you anything to have her day back. 

This way, you can grow your customer base because Mrs. Jones WILL be telling her neighbors about you, and you’ll make enough money to grow your business. AND you’ll be making enough money to pay your employees and live the freedom lifestyle you deserve. 

So just remember…

  1. Know your right customer
  2. Know what your service is worth
Book the Call TODAY

The second thing you need to grow your business is always booking the call for the same day! That’s the only value you need to offer Mrs. Jones; just fast, efficient service. 

Because when people call their plumber, they usually want one thing only, and that’s their day back–they don’t want to wait until the next day to fix their problem!

So, by booking their calls for the same day, you’re showing them that you value their time and their need for speedy service. Plus, it allows customers to get their issues fixed ASAP, reducing the risk of their problem escalating into a costlier one.

Booking calls on the same day also proves that your business is reliable, competent, and can be trusted to deliver on promises made. It sets your business apart from competitors whose only edge may be their low prices.

Triage Your Calls

Last but not least, you need to triage your calls.

As a plumber, you’re familiar with emergencies. Burst pipes, leaking shower heads, and overflowing sinks are just a few of the problems that come up daily. It’s your responsibility to be there right away and fix these urgent issues immediately.

But what about the smaller leaks that can wait a few hours? That’s where triaging comes in. You need to move around the booking of calls depending on the severity of the problem. 

It’s important to be flexible and able to handle any situation professionally. So when you’re moving calls around, you need to call your customer and let them know. Don’t just leave them hanging around waiting for you!

And if you find yourself having to move calls to the next day? Then that’s your sign that you need to grow your team. 

You always want to have an extra pair of hands waiting around in these cases. Because being one man fat is much better than being short! Hiring new techs will help you keep up with demand while maintaining the same high level of quality and efficiency your customers expect. 

And there you have it, the 3 things that will help you successfully grow your business without having to sell.

Because at the end of the day, as a plumbing business owner, your customer really only wants one thing, so don’t sell, and just give them their day back!

So remember…

  1. Find the right customer
  2. Value your customers’ time
  3. Book the call TODAY

Just follow these 3 simple steps, and you’re golden!

Richard’s Call to Action

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