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You’ve heard The Million Dollar Plumber talk about it.  Now, join Richard in this Potty Talk episode as he shares just how your plumbing business can provide you The Freedom Lifestyle


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. Works for You
  2. Works With You
  3. Works Without You


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Show Notes

Do you dream of having more freedom, flexibility, and relaxation in your life? If so, you’re not alone. 

Many plumbing business owners struggle with finding the right balance between work and life. They feel trapped in their business, working long hours, dealing with stress, and missing out on the things that matter most.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You CAN live the freedom lifestyle as a plumbing business owner. 

In fact, we’ll TEACH you how to balance having a successful, self-sustaining plumbing business and a life, too! 

Here are three tips to help you live the freedom lifestyle as a plumbing business owner.

Works For You

The first tip is to make the business work FOR you. 

This means you let go of the worker mindset and adopt the CEO mindset. 

So stop thinking of yourself as an employee who works for the business and start thinking of yourself as an owner who runs the business.

You’re not your own boss–you’re the boss of others. 

You no longer work for someone; you run a plumbing business, so let go of the late hours at work and exhausting yourself 24/7.


  • Put proper processes in place.
  • Hire the right people to keep the business running.

By doing these two things, you’re letting the business work FOR you, instead of working for it 24/7!

Works With You

The second tip is to make the business work WITH you. 

This means you need to run the business on your terms and match your lifestyle. That’s why it’s important to find your “why” and to decide what kind of business you want to have and what kind of life you want to live.

Because if your “why” is to live more freely–then maybe you shouldn’t be trapping yourself in the office 24/7.

You can set your own schedule, choose the right clients (which we think are residential), offer services, and charge your own prices. 

Create a business that suits your personality, preferences, and goals. Have a business that supports your vision, not someone else’s. 

And don’t have to worry about losing customers or money by running your business your way. In fact, you can stand out from the crowd and attract more loyal fans by being different and unique. 

Just look at how S. Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A, went against the grain and created a successful fast-food chain that is closed on Sundays and still dominates the market.

It’s your business, your rules. You decide how you want to work and live.

Work Without You

The third and final tip is to make the business work WITHOUT you.

Now that you’ve made your business match your standards and work well–it’s time to let it go!

Create a system that allows the business to operate smoothly and efficiently without your constant involvement. 

So, in short…





Free yourself from the daily tasks and focus on the big picture.

Because, guess what? As a plumbing business owner, you’re NOT supposed to be controlling everything!

In fact, the business runs best when you’re not there interfering with the processes. And on top of that, the less involved you are, the more valuation that gives your business.

So, let your employees do their work as they should–and get out of the office more! Live the freedom lifestyle, and get the break you deserve–after all, that’s why you started this business, right?

Living the freedom lifestyle as a plumbing business owner is not a fantasy. 

It’s a reality that you can achieve if you follow these three simple tips. By doing so, you can have a profitable and self-sustaining plumbing business that gives you more time, money, and energy to live your life on your terms.

Richard’s Call to Action

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