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Google Guaranteed Success

Google My Business is instrumental in keeping your schedule full.  Google expert and co-founder of Home & Local Services Katie Donovan joins Richard in this special edition of Potty Talk LIVE to share inside secrets on how to win the Google Game and raise your rank.


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. What is GMB, LSA, and How Do You Rank?
  2. Raise Your Rank: How Posts, Reviews, and Pictures can help
  3. You Want to Play the Google Game


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Show Notes

What is GMB, LSA, and How Do You Rank?

[09:54] We all know Google. But how can you leverage it as a business owner and make it work for you? The acronyms above are the keys to success. 

Google My Business (GMB) and Local Service Ads (LSAs) are two services (free and low-cost, respectively) that will help your company rank  higher when someone searches for a ‘Plumber Near Me’.

You’ve seen these services when you’ve searched Google for yourself, now it’s time to get in on the action. It takes work, but that work will pay off in spades if you do it right.

You Want to Play the Google Game

[14:28] You have customers. You’re making money. Why spend valuable time setting up and maintaining your Google presence? 

It’s all about growth. You don’t need to do everything at once, but starting somewhere (Katie recommends GMB) will set you up to start growing. And as you grow, you’ll take up more real estate on the search page, will get more calls, and can employ more and more of the tools Google has to offer.

Raise Your Rank: How Posts, Reviews, and Pictures can help

[17:28] The first step toward maximizing your Google My Business page (GMB) and raising your rank is to fill it in! Make sure all the details you can possibly provide are filled in before you move on.

Katie is a pro and has 5 tips you can employ today – no agency required:

  1. Review – Have just 5 of your customers write reviews per week. These reviews feed Google. And Google loves to be fed. Getting new content constantly added to your Google My Business page makes them happy…and will result in more calls. 
  2. Photos – Don’t panic. This is an easy one. You’ve worked on your branding, your trucks are out doing their job, just snap a photo on the job. Avoid showing the root ball or what came out of Mrs. Jones’ pipes, but just 5 pictures a week will do the trick.
  3. Posts – make two posts per week. This can be an announcement, a timely post (think, Happy Thanksgiving!) or even an ad. These should be made right in GMB. Again, Google loves to be fed and will pay off by also helping your website ranking.
  4. Q&A’s – Create just two per month. You know the questions you hear the most often. Offering an answer on Google will help save time on your calls and will get you even more relevant leads. 
  5. Review (again) – This time it means going through your whole GMB once a month to make sure everything is correct. Check your phone number, hours, website, everything just to confirm your details are still correct. 
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