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What Rocky Balboa can teach us about the Plumbing Business. Episode 354


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There’s so much wisdom in pop culture when you really listen past the service level stuff. There is great advice in the movie Rocky and what Rocky Balboa can teach us about the plumbing business. This is the first episode in a four part series of how movies can teach us about the plumbing business that will help you systemize, stylize, and monetize your plumbing business.

3 Golden Nuggets

1. Get in the ring. You can’t grow your business if you don’t start it! It’s so important to get in the ring and get in the ring now!

2. Know your why. You have to have a vision when you start your plumbing business. This will keep you going when you knocked down!

3. Keep on coming! There will be times when you don’t have jobs lined up and when customers leave bad reviews. It’s not about how hard you hit rather how hard you can get hit and keep on comin’! 


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Show Notes

Get in the ring

Don’t let fear control you. Get your butt in the ring! If you’re scared, do it anyway. I have a secret for you, it will never be the right time to start your plumbing business. There’s never enough money, you won’t have customers lined up or jobs lined up; it’s just like having kids, there’s never the right time. The only time to start is NOW. You can’t play the safe game waiting for it to be the right time. It never will be. We all start as “wannapreneurs” but it’s those true entrepreneurs who get in the ring and make it happen!

Know your why

In the beginning we did so many things wrong but one thing we did right was stay in the ring because we knew our why. You have to know your why before the hits start coming because at some point you will get knocked to the canvas. You have to know why you want to have a plumbing business. It can’t just be because you love plumbing. If you love plumbing, go be a plumber for another company. That’s not enough to have a business.

Keep on coming

In the plumbing business, the championship rounds are up front. You have to set up your plumbing business for success from the start, even if that means your bleeding cash to build the infrastructure. In the beginning you will be fatigued from learning new skills and you will change many hats as you work to grow and scale your plumbing business. You’re in the championship rounds but you’ve got to keep on coming! It doesn’t matter how hard you can hit. It doesn’t matter how smart you are and how good of a plumber you are. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep on coming.

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