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For those who have grown a plumbing business to the point where it needs multiple employees, or who plan to do so in the near future, the process of hiring staff is an important one that should be considered in several ways. One of the most vital preliminary steps here involves creating robust job descriptions to help attract quality candidates, and there are a few elements you should likely be including here.

At Million Dollar Plumber, our Success Academy programs are here to help clients with plumbing business development, management, training, consulting and more – whether you’re just getting started or are already managing a robust business. While this is certainly not an exhaustive list, and your specific elements may vary depending on individual qualities of your plumbing business, here are some of the most common facets of a plumber job description for you to consider as you look to add to your staff.

General Summary of the Position and Role

Like with any job posting or description, the first section should detail what the prospective job entails and how it fits into the business. This should include a broad overview of the duties expected with this position, as well as overall responsibilities and how they might relate to other staff members or teams.

It should also include simple details like the position title and type of employment. If possible, also include the position’s supervisor and the physical location of work.

Qualifications Needed for the Role

In this section, you should list out any technical skills or experience that are necessary for success in the position. This could include anything from plumbing certifications to customer service training, as well as any other requirements such as a valid driver’s license or specific competencies. Be sure to be as specific as possible here, while also being reasonable – it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the right candidate for the job.

For instance, if you’re looking for someone to support a plumbing business in the field, you may need them to have certain certifications or experience. On the other hand, if you’re hiring for an office role, you may place more emphasis on skills like customer service and organization.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

This part of the job description should be written as a bullet point list of the primary activities that this person will be expected to complete on a daily basis. This might include anything from customer service support, scheduling appointments, and administering estimates, to overseeing field operations and managing inventory.

It should also specify any professional requirements of the role – for example, if the job requires someone to adhere to industry standards or professional code of conduct. These kinds of responsibilities should be outlined explicitly to ensure that both employer and employee are in agreement about expectations.

Working Hours and Time Requirements

Another key element to include in the job description is the hours and time commitments expected of the role. This should include any specifics on flexible or part-time options, shift work, weekend or holiday availability, travel requirements (if applicable), and any additional expectations like on-call duty.

As some of our readers have already surmised, this area can be nuanced in a field like plumbing, where emergency repairs might arise at any time. Be sure to make the details of this section as clear and concise as possible for the candidate – and if you’re looking for flexible hours or on-call duty, be sure to spell out exactly what is expected.

Compensation and Benefits

Finally, it’s important to include a section on compensation and benefits for the role. This should include any information on salaries or hourly rates, commission structures (if applicable), overtime opportunities, bonuses, or other types of performance incentives. It should also detail any other benefits such as medical insurance, 401K contributions, vacation and sick leave, and any perks related to the job.

At Million Dollar Plumber, we believe that it’s important for business owners to be transparent about these elements when hiring staff. Doing so not only helps with attracting quality candidates but also sets up your business for long-term success by establishing a culture of trust.

If you’re looking to learn more about best practices for creating job descriptions, or about any of our other plumbing management or consultation services, the Million Dollar Plumber Success Academy has a range of resources and courses available to help you create great job postings that attract qualified candidates. Our team of experts can also provide personalized advice on how to get the most out of your plumbing business hiring process.

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