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Join Richard for this powerful Potty Talk episode where he debunks the myth that there’s not enough plumbing customers for you.


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. Plumb for the Right Customers
  2. Attract the Right Customers
  3. Schedule for Today


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Show Notes

There’s a common myth that there aren’t enough customers for your plumbing company, but that’s all it is; a myth.

The truth of the matter is that you’re probably just looking for your customers in all the wrong places!

Here’s the lowdown on who the right customers are, how to attract them, and what you can do to keep them coming!

Plumb for the Right Customers

The number one thing is you need to know who your right customers are, and they’re not contractors.

Instead, always tend to residential customers because they’re the best market for your business.

Why? Because…

  1. They OWN the problem, so they’ll value your service
  2. They’ll pay you on time and won’t question your rates
  3. They’ll recommend you to their friends and family, giving you more customers!

I know that working for businesses and contractors sounds appealing because you have all these jobs lined up–but that’s just a false sense of security. The truth is, it’s not about how many jobs you have, but the quality of the customer.

And with contractor work, all your jobs are owned by the same customer, and in one fell swoop, you can lose everything. And, they most likely won’t pay you on time, and you’ll spend forever chasing your money.

So, trust us, residential plumbing is the smart move.

Attract the Right Customers

How’s your branding looking? Still need more work? What are you waiting for!

You NEED your online presence, and your offline one too, to look appealing to attract the right customers.

Because we’re in a digital age, so the first thing a potential customer is gonna do is Google your business. And if the first thing they find is a picture of a rusty truck and some men in rough uniforms, they won’t think your service is professional.

So, take care of your image. Both your online one and the one in real life. It’ll help you attract customers who think you’re a professional and worth paying good money.

And remember, your customer experience starts from before they even book you–that’s why how you answer your phone matters, too!

So make sure that everything that has to do with your business is looking good enough that it doesn’t send your customers away, and soon enough, you’ll be growing in no time!

Schedule for Today

The last but MOST important tip is to always book the call for the same day.

Never attempt to fill your schedule by booking calls for other days throughout the week because that way, you’re telling your customer that they don’t matter enough for you to prioritize their call.

So, instead of losing money and customers that way, always book the call for today.

Trust us, that’s gonna be your biggest value, and your biggest money-maker!

And there you have it, the blueprint for where and how to find customers for your plumbing business.

Stop givng into these myths about how there aren’t enough customers for your plumbing business to grow. Because most likely, you’re just looking in the wrong places!

But with these 3 tips, you’ll be growing in no time.

Richard’s Call to Action

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