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Do you love change or don’t like change? How do you view change? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? In this edition of Potty Talk LIVE, Richard shares how to embrace change and how to deal with it when change happens to you


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. Change is inevitable so expect change to happen. Nothing stays still, things are either busy living or busy dying. It’s life, it’s business and things are going to happen.
  2. Initiate the change yourself. We want to initiate the change ourselves to try to control the situation and control the change. We can’t control if there’s going to be a change but you can control when there is change.
  3. Expect change and initiate the change. Take control of the change as much as you can. Don’t wait for change to happen to you. Have a plan for when the change happens


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Show Notes

3:03-Intro: Do You Embrace Change?

5:55-Change Is Inevitable -Expect Change To Happen

10:51-How To Handle Change – Embrace Change and Overcome The Fear Of Change

15:20-Change Is Constant, Let’s Deal With It – When Change Happens and What To Do About It

21:03-MDP Is Making A Change – New Things Are Coming for MDP – Moving Towards The Next Level-What’s Next?

25:42-The MDP Success Academy