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Want to get your community to know, like and trust you?  Find out in this edition of Potty Talk LIVE, where Richard and Laura discuss growing your social following with some simple tips and advice that will have a huge return!


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. It Ain’t About Plumbing. You’ve heard us say it before, but it’s important to remember, especially when you’re creating a social media presence. Switch the content you create from plumbing to community.
  2. Know Your Platform. All Social media is not created equal. What works on one platform probably won’t work on the others. So you have to know what kinds of posts will do best on each one.
  3. It’s a Branding Play. Executing a flawless social media strategy won’t immediately translate to calls. You have to play the long game and be trust the process while it works.


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Show Notes

It Ain’t About Plumbing

[08:23] Especially on social media, your business is not about plumbing. You are a plumbing business, but your followers don’t want to see the hair clog you pulled out today or the tankless water heater you installed. That’s not exciting or enticing to them and is sometimes (like the clog) actually going to drive them away. 

Instead, post things they like. Did Mrs. Jones have a cute cat or a spunky kid that was “helping” complete the job? Post a picture of that (with their parents’ permission, of course). 

Showing your actual work may seem like the easy and best play, but you want to appeal to the things your potential customers like, so smile, look clean, and be playful with Mrs. Jones and in the community.

Know How to Use Your Platforms

[15:02] With so many different social media platforms come different audiences and thus, different tactics. 

You want to know what makes a successful post on each of the platforms you’re on and tailor your content to fit that. For example, Facebook is more conversational and community based, so that’s the place to ask questions or start discussions. Instagram posts need to visually grab your customer. 

Learning what works best for you on each platform will go a long way in making your plumbing business grow.

Branding is the Long Game

[24:54] When you do everything right on social media and are making posts that are getting views and traction, it’s not going to immediately translate to exponentially more calls. You have to be patient and trust the process.

Consistency is key when it comes to growing your social media following and it will take awhile. And then it will take more time still to translate those followers to customers.

No one wants to call a plumber; but when they have to, be the company that has planted a flag in the community that they already know, like, and trust.

Richard’s Call to Action

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