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In this special episode of Potty Talk guest Brandon Leslie of B&R Mechanical shares his inspiring story and the three tips that can help you grow as a plumbing business owner. Join Leslie, Richard & Laura as they explain the importance of having the right mindset, attitude and goal when launching your plumbing business!


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. You Need the RIGHT Goal
  2. You Need Discipline
  3. You Need to Slow Down


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Show Notes

Want to jump into the plumbing business but have no idea where to start? Don’t worry, getting your business off the ground is easier than you think–all it takes are 3 necessary tools.

So, if you wanna do it right, keep reading and learn the 3 things you NEED to start your plumbing business on the right foot.

You Need the RIGHT Goal

First things first, you need to have a goal in mind. 

A goal that’s 

  1. Specific
  2. Tangible
  3. Realistic

Don’t just aspire to have a “successful business” –think in numbers, not adjectives. 

Grab a notebook and write down a specific goal. For example, “I’m gonna have 5 vans by x amount of time.” 

And then do that.


Because by setting this tangible goal, you’re giving yourself a mental checklist to work toward. Plus, setting that timeline means motivation stays at an all-time high–the best combination when striving for success!

So instead of giving yourself a vague dream, specify what you want to achieve. Ask yourself, what does “success” or “growth” mean to you? Figure out the pace that you want to grow at and set a time limit. Because otherwise…

  1. You won’t know where to START
  2. You won’t have the drive to get you to the finish line

Because you won’t even know where your finish line is!

You Need Discipline

This brings us to the second point: commitment and discipline. Now that you know what your goal is, you have to commit to it and stay disciplined – no excuses! Adopt a winner’s mindset and let your goal drive you.

Think of your “why.” Why are you chasing that goal? Is it to provide for your family, or to be your own boss and live the freedom lifestyle? Specify your goal, commit to it, and maintain a positive attitude. With the right mindset and attitude, you can achieve anything. 

Avoid making excuses and put in the work.

If you get knocked down once or twice, get back up and think of your “why.” Build up your resilience – remember, it’s all about your attitude. Set yourself a quantifiable goal, such as “I won’t rest until I have X number of customers.” Give yourself the drive and motivation you need to achieve your dream and live the life you’re after.

All that matters is that you know what you’re working toward and why you’re working toward it. Once you have your “why,” figure out how you’re going to achieve it, and commit!

You Need to Slow Down

Ready to hit the ground running with your business? Not so fast! Before you make a move, it’s important that you take some time learning what works and equip yourself for success. 

Growing your plumbing business is like mastering boxing moves: You need an understanding of fundamentals before attempting complex strategies–it might be slower going at first but will serve as great foundation for steady, sustainable growth. 

Fast growth is great, but it’s not sustainable. Don’t burn yourself out working too hard or trying to grow too fast without the right foundation. Stop, take a breather, and figure out what your next strategic move is–then throw the knockout punch!

And if you need guidance, then seek it. Seek mentorship or coaching if needed, and learn from the eagles. It doesn’t matter how you plan your next move, what matters is that you always stay prepared, and always have a plan in motion.

And last but not least, you need to bet on yourself. 

Know that you CAN do it. Your confidence is your most important tool. If I can grow from a master plumber to a plumbing business owner, then so can you. 

So just bet on yourself, and never give up.

And there you have them; the 3 tools that will help you grow your plumbing business and live the freedom lifestyle you deserve.

  1. The right goal
  2. Discipline
  3. Strategy

That’s all you need!

Richard’s Call to Action

If you want to learn more about numbers that matter and how to best run your plumbing business, why not schedule a free 30-min strategy call with us? Let’s talk about your goals and where you want to be this time next year, and we’ll help you create a path to make that happen. Schedule your free strategy call here today!