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Looking for the secret to success in plumbing? Find out how Richard from The Million Dollar Plumber grew his business with 3 simple, but powerful steps. Tune in now to the newest episode of Potty Talk.


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. Provide a Quality Experience
  2. Build an Online Presence
  3. Have the Right Mindset


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Show Notes

Growing your plumbing business into a successful, multi-truck plumbing empire is about much more than being a good plumber. In fact, it ain’t about plumbing at ALL.

Here are the 3 things you NEED to do to grow from a chuck in a truck to a million-dollar plumber!

Provide a Quality Experience

If a customer calls you, then they already expect you to be a good plumber. That’s why simply doing the job and then getting out isn’t enough. If you want to impress Mrs. Jones and have her be a loyal customer who refers you to all her neighbors and friends, then you gotta wow her with an unforgettable customer experience!

And the most important thing to keep in mind when building a quality customer experience is that it begins long before they call you.

It starts with…

  1. How you present yourself in ads
  2. How you present yourself online
  3. How you present yourself in real life

Because if you’re driving around your neighborhood with a rusty van and no uniform–chances are people won’t feel comfortable calling you about your service!

You gotta make sure the people are hearing about you–and that the image you’re putting out there seems inviting.

To do that, you need to invest in…

  1. Professional uniforms
  2. Professional photographers for your ads
  3. Professional CSRs

Because the return on these investments is more than you can ever imagine and it WILL save your business.

Now, that’s only the first step of the experience. Because now that you’ve put yourself out there and Mrs. Jones has heard of you, she’s now gonna call you–and this is where the CSR comes in.

As the plumbing business owner, you CAN’T take the calls yourself–because not only do you have more important things to take care of, but also because the business needs to be able to run without you being in the picture 24/7. 

That’s why you need to hire a CSR who is friendly and will keep the customer happy and confident they’ve picked the right service. Because a good CSR can make a huge difference in how your customers feel about you.

And lastly, we come to the visit. And at this stage, every little detail matters–from the way you park your car to how you walk up to their door.

So, always make sure to 

  1. Drive up and park your car properly
  2. Greet them with a smile and introduce yourself
  3. Listen to their problem and ask questions
  4. Diagnose the issue and provide options 

Even after the visit–you follow up afterward and ask for feedback. ALL these steps matter to Mrs. Jones–and they’re how you get her to tell her neighbors about your amazing service. 

So if you want your plumbing business to be successful, don’t just focus on the pipes. That’s how you stand out from the competition.

Build an Online Presence

Now, back to presenting yourself online–you NEED a professional online presence. And guess what? It’s easier than you think to build one. All it takes are a few simple steps.

First, you need to have an updated, user-friendly website. One that shows who you are, what you do, and how you can help your customers. 

It needs to be easy to navigate even by people who aren’t tech-savvy–because you want the customer to be able to book your service, not get frustrated and log off. So simple and functional is the way. And if you don’t know how to make one yourself, don’t worry–you can hire someone to do it for you. There are plenty of affordable services out there that can help you create a stunning website or landing page that will attract and convert your visitors.

And make sure you AVOID listing the services you offer–because if you leave one out and it’s the one service that the customer needed, then you just lost their business. So keep it vague, professional, and inviting.

Second, you need to optimize your website for search engines. That means using keywords, titles, tags, and other tricks to make sure your website shows up when people search for plumbers in your area. You don’t have to be a big company to rank high on Google–you just have to do things right. 

Google is the new phonebook–so make sure you’re putting your name where it’ll be seen but the right customer!

Third, you need to leverage social media. Social media is the new yard ad–it’s where you can show your personality, your values, and your community involvement. It’s where you can connect with your customers and prospects on a personal level. There, you can showcase your work and your happy customers. And it’s not hard to do–you just have to post regularly and authentically. 

What should you post? Testimonials, animals, kids, happy stuff that makes you look good. 

And here’s a pro tip: always have a clean shirt in your car that you can change into after you’re done working so you can get your social post.

So if you’re just starting and want to get your name out there, social media is your key. 

Have the Right Mindset

Last but not least you need the RIGHT mindset. 

It’s all about finding your “why”. Why are you doing what you’re doing? Because it ain’t plumbing. 

You need to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and why. Your “why” could be anything–the car you wanna drive, the charity you want to support, the college you want to send your kids to. Whatever it is, it has to be something that motivates you and inspires you. Something that makes you get up in the morning and do your best.

We always say you need to have… 

  1. The right purpose
  2. The right people
  3. The right process

These are the foundational pillars.

Because you also need to know who you want to serve and how. You need to have a customer avatar–a profile of your ideal customer. 

We call her Mrs. Jones. She’s the customer who needs your services, appreciates your value, and pays you your worth. She’s the one who makes your business profitable and enjoyable.

But not everyone is Mrs. Jones. And that’s okay. You can’t serve everyone–because that could kill your plumbing business. 

That’s why you need to figure out the right customer for you to be able to say no to the wrong one. The ones who don’t respect your time, your expertise, or your price. 

You don’t need them. You don’t want them. You don’t have to take them.

You can say something like this: “I believe we’re not gonna be a good fit for you. Let me get you a referral.” And then move on.

Because knowing your Mrs. Jones is a great feeling–so don’t waste your energy on the wrong ones.

So now you know the simple steps it takes to grow your business. It’s not an easy process, and WILL take time–but it’s doable. And if we can do it, so can you!

So, offer an unforgettable customer experience, build up your online presence, and find your “why”. 

That’s what will make you unstoppable.

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