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Join Richard and Laura in this episode of Potty Talk as they share the three things you should never do when launching a plumbing business. And how to make sure you start your plumbing business on the right foot and avoid costly mistakes


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. Never Skimp
  2. Never Skip
  3. Never Sell


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Show Notes

Get your plumbing business off on the right foot by avoiding these 3 costly mistakes! 

Never Skimp…On Quality Materials

If you’re trying to work smart and make a profit, skimping on the quality of your material isn’t the way. You absolutely NEED to invest in good quality materials, because it WILL make a difference in your work.

Not only that but to get started with your business you need to:

  1. Search for professional plumbing vendors
  2. Don’t nickel and dime them

Developing a good relationship with a reliable, professional vendor is the only way to start a business. Because that way, you can always get your materials delivered on time. And you’ll be able to provide quality service that will last the test of time and earn you the customer’s satisfaction.

Sure, sometimes, you’re in a pinch, and you need to stop by your local Lowe’s for a quick buy–and that’s fine. But if you want longevity in this competitive industry, then you NEED quality material from a professional supplier. That’s how you stand out from the competition and prove you’re not an amateur plumber.

Never Skip…On Safety

The second mistake you need to avoid is skipping on safety protocols. 

Taking the proper safety measures is critical. Provide gloves, slip-resistant boots, fire extinguishers and other necessary equipment to ensure hazardous incidents are kept at bay no matter what job your techs attend. 

Remember: accidents happen when not enough precautionary steps have been taken. So keep your team healthy by investing in basic protective supplies today!

Make sure your men know you value their well-being and that they’re well taken care of. Plumbing is a dangerous and necessary service, so be professional about it, and do it the right way.

Never Sell…Just Listen

Last but not least, always remember that you’re a plumber, not a salesman. So don’t try to sell to your customers. Just listen to what they have to say, and provide the service they need.

These are the 2 things your client needs from you; quality service, and attention.

And that last bit is the most important part. Because part of being a good plumber is giving them a good customer experience.

So that means that you have to…

  1. Engage in conversation
  2. Listen fully to what they’re saying
  3. Include them in your process

Because if you don’t let your customers explain what the problem is from THEIR point of view or include them in your process–they’ll feel cheated. 

And to include them in your work means you have to do 2 things:

  1. Take time and diagnose the problem
  2. Provide choice

Don’t just rush into work, but actually take the time and talk them through the problem. Keep them included and explain what you’re about to do. Don’t just assume you know what’s best for them. Do things the professional way and ALWAYS give them 3 options–good, better, and best. 

Don’t hack it–let the customer decide for themselves. 

Because after all, this is THEIR problem and they care about getting it fixed. So always make sure you’re taking the time to provide not only the best service but the best experience, too.

Not only will that get you customer satisfaction–but will get you their referrals, too! And who can say no to free marketing?

So there you have it, the 3 worst mistakes you can make with your plumbing business. So, always remember the 3Ss: never skimp, never skip, and never sell. 

Avoid these mistakes, and you’re golden.

Richard’s Call to Action

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