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In this Potty Talk episode Richard gives the 411 on why residential service plumbing provides the least resistance to growing a successful, self-sufficient, and profitable plumbing business


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3 Golden Nuggets

  1. Get the Most Customers
  2. Serve Direct Beneficiary
  3. Sell Value, Not Plumbing


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Show Notes

We often talk about the importance of choosing the right customer for your plumbing business, and that customer is residential. But today, we’re gonna explain to you WHY residential plumbing service is the best for your business and is the service that makes the most sense AND money.

Get the Most Customers

Starting off with residential plumbing, you can get the most customers. 

And yes, with builders or contractors, you can get multiple projects–but they’re all tied to the same customer, which is not the best move for your business.

Here’s why…

  1. You’re not establishing connections
  2. You’re putting all your eggs into one basket

Meaning that if you potentially lose that one customer, you’re losing all of your contracts, and you’re back at point zero.

Meanwhile, with residential plumbing, you get a bottomless pot of gold. And the more satisfied your customers are, the more they’ll refer you to their friends and neighbors, so your customer list is limitless. Because there’s always gonna be a Mrs. Jones in need of a plumbing service out there! 

And more on the topic of building connections–when you’re providing service to a business, your primary connection is the manager. But once that manager is out of the picture, you ultimately lose your point of contact, and more often than not, you will lose that business as a customer. Because the new manager doesn’t know you or care to keep you around.

So again, residential plumbing makes the most sense because…

  1. You get LOTS of customers
  2. You build real connections

And most importantly, if you get a customer you just don’t like providing service to, you can simply refer them to another business and refuse to service them. Or, if you do take them on as a customer, it’s simply a one-time thing, and then you never have to see them again. Unlike contract work, you’re stuck in an uncomfortable situation providing services to someone that you don’t enjoy working with.

So, for stability and endless opportunities, go for residential plumbing. 

Serve Direct Beneficiary

The second reason why we always recommend residential service is that you get to serve the direct beneficiary. And that’s an essential thing in business. 

Because Mrs. Jones CARES about getting her day back, so…

  1. She’s going to appreciate your service
  2. She’s going to pay you in full

On the other hand, a contractor or a builder will just want you to do whatever quick job you can, AND they’ll try to nickel-and-dime you at every chance possible. Because they don’t care about the problem getting fixed; they just want to make the most profit, and they can’t do that if they’re paying you in full.

So instead of working with a bunch of people who only care about getting the lowest price out of you, choose to work with someone who truly cares about the problem getting fixed, no matter the cost.

Sell Value, Not Plumbing

The third reason residential plumbing makes the most money AND sense is that if you’re looking to grow your plumbing business, you don’t need to sell; you just need to offer value!

So, if you want your plumbing business to grow, then you need to focus on… 

  1. Offering value
  2. Being professional

So take care of the kind of service you’re offering. Never sell to your customers. Take care of how you present yourself through your uniforms and trucks. All these things factor into your value and will ultimately affect your business growth.

Because starting a plumbing business just to be a hack and make money isn’t going to help you grow your business. But actually caring about your service and the value you’re providing will.

So, remember, you’re not selling your customer a water heater; you’re providing them with hot water. You’re helping them give their kids baths. You’re keeping them healthy and doing work that matters. Focusing on that value instead of selling will make your business grow.

And there you have it. The 3 reasons residential plumbing service makes the most sense for your business…

  1. You get the most amount of customers
  2. You get to service the direct beneficiary
  3. You get to offer value

These 3 things will help you grow your business, grow your customer base, and live the freedom lifestyle you dream of!

Richard’s Call to Action

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