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I help plumbing entrepreneurs build a

Million Dollar

Plumbing Business

while having a life too.

A man wearing a black polo shirt, smiling while seated in front of a camera.

I help plumbing entrepreneurs build a

Million Dollar

Plumbing Business

while having a life too.

A man wearing a black polo shirt, smiling while seated in front of a camera.


Plumbing Businesses Influenced


Average Revenue Increase Within 12 Months


Client Vacation Days & Counting

You’re working hard, but where’s the payoff?

You’re ready to get serious about your plumbing business, but you’re afraid you’ll burn out long before reaching your goals. You’re grinding, taking every job you can, and struggling to have any down time. The truth is, there’s an easy way and a hard way to build a profitable and successful plumbing business.
If you’re struggling to:
  • Find new customers, win bids, and make sales
  • Know when to expand your team and how to find people you can trust
  • Find the right tools and systems to run your business
…then you may be taking the hard road.
A man wearing a black polo shirt, smiling while standing in front of a camera.

Plumbing Business Consulting

You’re in the right place!

I’ve been exactly where you are right now. I understand the struggle and long hours you are putting into your plumbing business. I know where you are stuck and best of all I know exactly what steps you need to take to move forward. It’s all part of my 4-part Million Dollar Plumber method…


Define Your Lifestyle

To move forward, you must know where you want to go. I will challenge you to determine what you want your life to look like because knowing “why” you’re doing what you’re doing is foundational to your business and life success.

Design Your Business

It’s vital to create a plumbing business that works for you - not the other way around. Systemizing your plumbing business is key to have a self-sustaining business that doesn’t own you. I will tell you exactly what you need to do to design your plumbing business around your life.

Grow Your Business

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. It’s that simple to grow your plumbing business once the right formula is in place. I will give you everything you need to scale your business.

Experience The Freedom

Many talk about living life on their terms, but most can only dream about it. I'm one of the few to ever experience it. I will show you how to get there too!
A man wearing a black polo shirt, smiling while seated in front of a camera.

Unlock the Secret to Plumbing Business Success with Million Dollar Plumber Coaching

While owning a plumbing company can become a lucrative business, it does take a lot of experience and the right knowledge to grow your brand. It’s not out of the ordinary to feel stuck with your business. Maybe sales have suddenly started to level off. Or maybe you need an entirely new marketing plan? If you find this happening in your company, sometimes a different perspective can open your eyes to a new opportunity. If you already know your weaknesses (and strengths) and want to get to the next level, a plumbing business coach could be the answer to your problem. Million Dollar Plumber is one of the most recognized names in the industry who has helped more than 5,000 plumbing businesses establish themselves as an authority and get them to reach their goals quicker than ever before.

Understanding The Need For a Plumbing Business Coach

It’s true that plumbers might be experts in the field. They have done the necessary training to deliver quality results for homeowners and businesses. However, they might not be well-versed in the fundamentals of running a plumbing business. This is where the importance of plumbing business consulting comes into play. Running a successful plumbing business requires much more than just technical skills. It involves effective marketing, strategic planning, financial management, and customer satisfaction. Many plumbers struggle with these aspects and find it challenging to grow their businesses.

A plumbing business coach like Million Dollar Plumber understands the unique challenges faced by plumbers all across the country. Richard Behney has more than 30 experience working in the plumbing industry. With so much success in his own business, he wanted to help others achieve the same results. In 2017, he created Million Dollar Plumber with the goal to help as many plumbing professionals run a top-level business. He can help with any of the challenges you face, whether it’s attracting new customers, expanding your team with reliable experts, and incorporating the latest plumbing marketing strategies to help you stay ahead of the game.

Plumbers That Leverage The Power Of The Million Dollar Plumber Get…

To Turn a Bigger Profit

More Paying Customers

To Build Better Teams

Out of the Truck

To Look Like a Pro

To Live a Freedom Lifestyle

But Don’t Take It From Us

“Our revenue has increased by more than 1000% since joining the Success Academy.”

– Mountaineer Plumbing, Grand Rapids, MI

“Since joining MDP, our relationship has grown because we are working together as a Plumbing Power Couple.”

– Babe Plumbing, Mankato, MN

“Before, I was always working and always on call.  The Success Academy has taught us systems and how to operate our business so that we no longer had to work nights and weekends.”

– Faulks Plumbing, Rochester, NY

“The biggest thing Richard taught us was how to work ON our business instead of IN our business.”

– Full Speed Plumbing, Anacortes, WA

“Being a part of the group has helped us to get comfortable with making bigger decisions and realizing that it’s OK to feel uncomfortable, but it’s not OK to stay there.”

– Iron Mountain Plumbing, Cedar City, UT

“Would we recommend The Million Dollar Plumber?  Absolutely!  Don’t know where we’d be without the program.”

– Top Hat Plumbing, Reed Springs, MO

“My stress level nearly ended us.  But coming on board with MDP, we’ve never been happier.  We have a lot more time to spend with each other.”

– JT Plumbing Services, Fort Collins, CO

“We used to work really late hours.  We didn’t know when to say no to a customer.  It was miserable.  Since being with the Success Academy, we no longer work on-call and we don’t work weekends.  It really builds a culture that everyone loves.”

– 615 Plumbing, Nashville, TN

Start Building Your Million Dollar Plumbing Business Today with our Success Academy

If you’re ready to do things the right way, build a business you can be proud of, and get outta the truck, you’re ready for Success Academy. My Success Academy meets you where you’re at in your plumbing business to help you get to the next level.

Looking for the Blueprint to Success?

The Million Dollar Plumber Blueprint is my free gift to you. Learn from my mistakes with this simple guide to what you MUST do to avoid the pitfalls and build a secure and profitable business. This is the headstart you need to build the business, and life, of your dreams.

Who is the Million Dollar Plumber?

Richard Behney has spent 30 years in plumbing, growing a 7-figure business with his wife Laura.

Richard’s passion for helping struggling plumbers create profitable businesses that give them the lifestyle and time-freedom they desire led to the founding of The Million Dollar Plumber and Success Academy.

His insights have been featured in the New York Times, Glenn Beck, C-Span, Harvard Politics, and Fox News.

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